Michael Brown

Mike Brown Rehoboth Beach Realtor

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Rehoboth Beach Realty Group

Michael Brown REALTOR® is the Team Leader and Marketing Guru for the Rehoboth Beach Realty LLC Group.

Mike Brown


Mike has a Bachelors degree in Marketing from Michigan State University and spent 10 years in the USAF flying around the globe as a crewmember on the C-5 Galaxy Cargo Jet based at Dover AFB. Between College and Joining the USAF, Mike spent time working at Ski resorts in Colorado and Northern California as well as a summer of Commercial Salmon fishing in Alaska.

When time allows, Mike enjoys sailing the Caribbean, skiing Out West and Overlanding (adventure travel in RV's Jeeps and motorcycles). Mike is also a self described Nerd who gets a kick out of photography, shooting video, building and flying drones, building computers, wrenching on vehicles and 3D printing. 

Michael has two incredible young daughters and any money made selling homes goes directly to keeping them happy.

Under Michael's oversight, The Rehoboth Beach Realty LLC Group "Closed the most transactions for the greater PA region (PA, Southern NJ, DE) for the third quarter in 2017."  The number of homes the team sold for 2017 was 110. That's not a typo, that's an average of 3.3 homes sold a week.